The Characters

The Citizens of 101


Bunker 101 is a small town straight from the Fifties… Located miles underground.

Men, women and children all work to run the bunker with courage and determination. Surviving in the world after the Fallout is no easy task.

So whether you’re a scientist, an explorer, a burocrat, a politician, a technician, a teacher or a postman, remember that the survival of Bunker 101 depends on you.


The Characters


There are no minor characters in Bunker 101, everyone has their peculiarities, everyone’s an important piece of the mosaic. There are no extras, only protagonists. Every character has individual data, their own personal history and a Psychological profile, containing their objectives, their tasks, their beliefs, their ways of being.

Use the data on your character sheet as prompts for your roleplay, like a sort of guideline. The sheets are deliberately filled with unanswered questions so that you can “fill in the blanks” and make your character unique and a perfect fit to your tastes.

At the end of the registration period, you will be e-mailed a form to tell us what character you’d most like to play as.

The Characters Guide


Download the guide to the Bunker 101 characters! Inside you will find descriptions of all the protagonists with every necessery detail to interpret it in the most funny way.

Choose the character that fits you perfectly or the one that offers you the most interesting challenge. Remember, there are no supporting characters, every character is a protagonist!

When you have found the characters that intrigue you the most, fill out the form for the assignment (until May 5th)!


The Character Table

A quick reference

Below you’ll find the condensed character table, a simplified and schematic representation to get an idea of who you’ll play with. You can find the complete character profiles in the Characters GuideIf some terms are unclear to you, check out the Guide to Bunker 101.

Attention: The internal data of table “8” is corrupted!